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Ambulance Transportation

Advanced Life Support ("ALS")
Paramedics provide advanced-level care to those experiencing serious or life-threatening illness or injury. ALS interventions include:
  • intravenous ("IV") access for administration of medications
  • cardiac care, including 12-lead electrocardiograms ("ECG" or "EKG") and transcutaneous pacing
  • advanced airway management, including end-tidal capnography
  • administration of controlled substances for sedation and pain management

Basic Life Support ("BLS")
Emergency Medical Technicians ("EMTs") provide care to those experiencing lesser-level illness or injury. All EMTS are fully qualified to provide immediate, life-saving care including:
  • defibrillation
  • basic airway management
  • administration of certain medications, including epinephrine and Narcan
  • wound management and hemorrhage control
  • fracture management
  • spinal motion restriction

Specialty Care Transport ("SCT")
SCT services are provided by specially qualified Paramedics to patients who require critical care interventions during transfers between facilities. SCT interventions include:
  • advanced respiratory care for acute and chronic ventilator-dependent patients
  • monitoring and delivery of advanced medications, including those delivered via infusion pumps
  • balloon pump and extra corporeal membrane oxygenation ("ECMO") monitoring
Medical Transportation

To best serve the needs of our community, we offer non-emergency transportation for those needing assistance moving about but don't require direct medical care.  Services include ambulette, wheelchair, and stretcher van transportation to the Rochester, NY and surrounding area.

Ambulette service is available for those who utilize an assistive device, such as a walker or cane, but who are otherwise able to walk on their own

Wheelchair service is available for those who utilize manual ("standard") or powered wheelchairs. Our vehicles come equipped with wheelchairs, or patients may use their own chairs, so long as they fit our vehicle ramps
Due to safety regulations, patients will not be transported on electric scooters. We can transport these patients, but they will need to be transferred to a wheelchair for the trip.

Stretcher van service is available for those who are bed-confined and/or need to remain flat during transport. These patients must be medically stable and not require any direct medical care during transport.

PLEASE NOTE: Patients requiring supplemental oxygen during non-emergency medical transportation must have their own portable tank and be able to manage it during transport. Patients requiring assistance with oxygen administration and/or do not have their own portable tank require ambulance transportation.

Training Services
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